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Frequently asked questions

From vendors

Can I switch between types of accounts?

Yes! You first register as a free member and right after you register you can upgrade your business to a paid account. After you upgrade your account, you must wait until next month to downgrade your account.

Can I pay my monthly suscription with a Debit Card?

Yes! You can pay for your monthly suscription with a debit card or a VISA, Mastcard or Discover credit card.

From quinceañeras

Do I have to ever pay for my Quince account?

Never, our commitment is to all of you, our beloved Quinceañeras; you are the reason why we exist and we want to provide you with all the tools and resources to make your quince not only the best but as stress free as possible. We are here for you!

Can I adapt my QM Quince Planner to my needs?

Yes! making changes to your QM Quince Planner is quick and simple; you can adapt it to your own schedule, add or delete activities and much more!

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