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Be a Good Dama!

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Be a Good Dama!

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Photography: Aron Martinez, CA

Hi! Were You Picked to be Somebody’s Dama?  

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Congratulations! You were picked to be a dama at a quinceañera! If you’re in a Quinceanera’s Court of Honor, there are a few duties you should be aware of as a dama. For starters, the Quinceanera likely has a lot going on right now, lots of other decisions to make, and maybe she’s even a little nervous… Be there for support! In addition, here are a few tips for being a great dama:

Stay Positive: If the Quinceanera asks for your advice or vents about stress, make sure to be supportive, be a good listener and help her keep a cool head. Try not to feed stress. Instead, think of yourself as part of a support system to have a smooth, fun quince.

Be drama-free: DEFINITELY don’t be the dramatic dama who doesn’t get along with others. No one enjoys when one person in the group is always saying something negative. Avoid the drama, dama!

Be someone she can count on: Keeping promises is important. If you say you’re going to do something, do it! Even if it seems like something small. Keep you word, keep commitments, and be responsible.

Don’t Compete: Remember that the celebration is all about the Quinceanera. Try to remember not to make situations about you or prevent the Quinceanera from having her dream party. Be a friend, not a foe.

Help out the Quinceanera, and most importantly, have fun! There’s a lot to learn and do as a dama, and hopefully your experience is one that you will remember with newfound friends.

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