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All about Quinceanera Invitations

More Quinceanera Invitations Quotes

Quinceanera Invitations Quotes

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All about Quinceanera Invitations

By Cris

 First Impressions are Everything...

An important step towards building your guest list for your party is putting together your quince invitation. This is a memento for both you and your guests, and designs can be overwhelming to think about. We’ve got some ideas for you here:

Tip: Be firm with your guest list. This will help you decide on the amount of invitations you will need to order.

Here are a few types of invitation for different quinceaneras:

Embossed Invitations

Embossing is a wonderful craft that can raise your invitation surface by using color and stamped patterns. You can also emboss sheets of fabric, pepper stock, cardboard, and even metal. This is an excellent option, especially if you’re the creative type, because you can keep it simple and easy, or add a variety of custom details. 

Fun and Innovative Invitations

There are other creative alternatives available! Some examples include 3D invitations decorated with your theme and photos, handkerchief (fabric) invitations make a nice keepsake, wood carved items (such as an Asian style fan) hand painted by you would definitely be memorable. What if your invitation is the ticket to your event? Ideas are limitless- don’t be afraid to come up with something unique and outside the box!

Tip: Does that sound interesting, but like too much work? You can still find a perfect design at a store, and make artistic modifications later!

The Classic Invitation

The simple but classic invitation can be made at home if you have access to a printer, and can be found at most print shops, boutiques, photo studios, etc... Classically, these invitations are made with an image of a Quinceanera on the front, but there are all kinds of varieties available for any event.

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