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5 Reasons Why you Need a Choreographer

Quinceanera Vals

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5 Reasons Why you Need a Choreographer

 By: Chris    Photography: Marco Vonicio, AZ 

I Can Make My Own Vals, Thank You Very Much!

I Can Make My Own Vals, Thank You Very Much!

We get it- whether dance is your passion or not really your best skill, you may start thinking about putting together your own vals at some point. That might sound appealing at first: “it’s my dance, so I should make it,” right? 

Honestly, we don’t really recommend it. Many quinceaneras may recycle a routine from someone else’s dance, or put together a hasty vals so there’s one less thing to worry about buying. However, a professional choreographer is a MUST-HAVE for any quinceañera worth going to. You deserve a proper, professional dance with all the right steps and the help of experts. Here are 5 reasons why you absolutely need a choreographer to put your vals and baile sporesa together:

1. Higher skill means better, more tailored dance moves

Here’s something important to know: Even if you have been dancing for all your life, a choreographer has likely been coordinating dances for their entire life, and that is a very different set of skills and talents. If you have a vision or an idea for a dance, it’s the choreographer’s job to translate that into movements for you and the rest of your court. Your choreographer has probably been doing this for years, and when it comes to putting together a memorable vals and learning it in the quickest way possible, there is no compromising. 

2. They are not just dancers; They’re teachers

Have you ever had to control and command a room of a dozen teenagers? Have you ever had to teach 10 people something at the same time? I can definitely tell you that neither is easy to do, but a choreographer’s experience helps them to do it best. A helpful reminder is that choreographers aren’t just really good dancers, they’re also really good at teaching dances, and that is not a skill that comes easily to anyone. Even if you have a great dance routine, teaching it correctly to several people at once is a step you can’t skip, and it’s best left in the hands of a professional.

3. They are versatile and flexible

A choreographer will work with you on what you want- they specialize in more than one genre so you can capture whatever type of dance you are going for- traditional, modern, or even elements of both. This especially comes into play with your baile sopresa, where your choreographer will help you match moves to your favorite kinds of music. 

4. They know good music

If you can dance to it, a choreographer has probably heard it. On the technical side of things, a choreographer will know how and what to provide your DJ, bringing the music from the computer to the party as well as already having a library of hundreds of good songs to dance to. Remember, this is their job! They will figure out all the little details you might otherwise miss.

5. They teach the dance and provide a whole experience

Each choreographer will bring their best, which includes unique traits that make them a good choice for their own special reasons. Some may provide props, costumes, lights, accessories, and even some professional dancers mixed in with your court! The truth is that when you hire a choreographer, you don’t just pay for a dance. What you’re really getting is the show- a whole experience that adds a vibrant, memorable performance to your day, and the memories will stick with you and your guests forever.

Hopefully, we’re on the same page by now- don’t skip the choreographer! We recommend you do your research on your options and choose someone with positive feedback, since this choice is a bit of a commitment- but we promise that having one is better than not. Happy dancing!

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